About Proposals

Proposals sprung from the desire to see the world proposed in different ways. How can we approach core necessities like art, connection, cuisine, music, comfort and dwellings collectivley? What if there was an outlet to explore these connections and create a vibrant community that is constantly exploring and evolving? Proposals seeks to produce new ideas and in doing so build a community centered around art, experience and escape.

The Future Proposals

Created and released in thoughtful stages, the community will house dwellings, community space, art programming and residency, culinary experiences and outdoor adventures. Inspiration abounds on more than 30 acres nestled in a tree-filled valley. Blackberries and local flora and fauna can be found along a natural occuring creek that flows through the property.

Our Commitments


- respectful to the environment and our community
- taking inspiration from nature
- acknowledging others perspectives
- stewardship of the land


- reflective of the Oregon coast environment
composed and mindful in execution of our ethos
creating solutions that are wholistic and considered
an opportunity for artist fellows to recharge


friendly, approachable and humanistic
invested in the success of people in our community
resourceful to our community and beyond


- creating for a positive future
- unafraid of being perceived as different
- advocating for what’s important